Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aluminium necklace

This aluminium necklace is strings or round silver modules tied together in a triangular shape . A perfect accessory for making a statement whether you wear it with a casual or evening outfit.

  Photos by Dora Cruceru
 Metal type- aluminium, rustless metal
 Price 35 Euro

Aluminium and copper necklace

I wanted to create a jewelry collection from unconventional materials including aluminium , copper recycled wire.The pieces have a modern futuristic look and combine simple modules in simple , unique shapes.

This particular piece is constructed from round metallic modules tied together in a triangular shape.It looks fabulous when worn with a deep v cleavage on a casual and evening look.

Below I've also included a few close-ups of the necklace.

  Photos by Dora Cruceru
  Metal type- aluminium , copper
  Price- 45 Euro