Thursday, March 24, 2011

in another way...

I posted below some pictures from my graduation project.
   I like to experiment and create new things through the juxtaposition of texture,materiality and images.I chose to include some fashion icons attitude and to emphasize a certain type of typology. It's presented as a collage or a mix structure.
   I thought it would be interesting to present my jewelry project in another way ....and here is the results.
   Hope you like it.

   See you soon!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aluminium wire necklace

I try to create a unique style of jewellery specifically designed , versatile enough to be worn in a variety of styles to suit different outfit and occasion.

This necklace is constructed from round aluminium wire tied together in a triangular shape.
It looks spectacular whether you wear it with a deep v cleavage on a casual (white shirt printing/blue jeans) and evening ( long black dress) outfit .
I'm thinking to introduce this accessory on a fashion outfit as a particular strap.

 Photos by Dora Cruceru
 Metal type-aluminium, rustless metal
 Price-35 Euro

All my jewellery comes to you in a unique gift bag or a presentation box, depending on the individual piece.
If you have some questions about any detailes ,or about how they can be worn in different oufit, don't hesitate to ask I'll be happy  to answer.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Copper and gold metal necklace

    This piece presents a mix of materials and textures, and combines round modules ,in simple, round shapes.
    It looks greate when worn it in a glamour context using golden patten or shiny print..

  Photos by Dora Cruceru
  Metal Type-  copper,gold metal
  Price - 35 Euro                    

Copper necklace

    This copper necklece presents a futuristic texture which combine simple copper modules in  unique   shapes.
   There are two reasons for which I keep using these metals in my jewellery projects.One is that copper will develop a dark patina over time and the other is that I like working with unconventional materials.

Photos by Dora Cruceru
Metal type-copper,gold metal
Price- 40 Euro                                       

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aluminium necklace

This aluminium necklace is strings or round silver modules tied together in a triangular shape . A perfect accessory for making a statement whether you wear it with a casual or evening outfit.

  Photos by Dora Cruceru
 Metal type- aluminium, rustless metal
 Price 35 Euro

Aluminium and copper necklace

I wanted to create a jewelry collection from unconventional materials including aluminium , copper recycled wire.The pieces have a modern futuristic look and combine simple modules in simple , unique shapes.

This particular piece is constructed from round metallic modules tied together in a triangular shape.It looks fabulous when worn with a deep v cleavage on a casual and evening look.

Below I've also included a few close-ups of the necklace.

  Photos by Dora Cruceru
  Metal type- aluminium , copper
  Price- 45 Euro